Case Studies

Already Under 3 Seconds.

Non-essential goods, apparel.
Client had previously spotted how much page load time affects revenue, and wanted the fastest possible load time. Running his stores in a very slim theme meant that he was already beating the 3 second mark.
Pre-Optimisation: 2.8 Seconds Avg Load Time
Project length: Under 4 Weeks
Current Load Time: 1.55 Seconds
Performance Condition: Very Fast
After optimisations the load time reduced to 1.3 seconds. Even with Shopify this is possible.
What is interesting is how the traffic to the site reduced greatly as they started running split testing software inefficiently pushing the load times up by 1.5 seconds, Therefore the revenue decreased significantly.
Conversion rate remained stable indicating that the waiting time between 1.3 seconds and 2.74 seconds did not affect the users too much, but the ad campaigns received fewer impressions in reverse correlation with load times. After further optimisations were applied on the way that the testing is a carried out, the client was able to comfortably scale without a reduction in conversion rate.
Take-Away Comment: The algorithms are very sensitive to pagespeed.

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Pagespeed Insights

And the "Core Web Vitals"
Before Optimization (20)
After Optimization (96)

The Algorithm Test.

Non-essential goods, printed apparel.
Purpose of study is to demonstrate the algorithm in action. The owner has several stores with much higher revenue than the studied website, and saw value in testing algorithm responses.
Pre-Optimisation: 8.2 Seconds Avg Load Time
Project length: Special Case - over 12 months
Current Load Time: 3.2 Seconds
Performance Condition: SLOW
The first two graphs are from 60 days running up to black friday 2019, and the bottom graph is the last 60 days at the time I write.
The algorithms are very sensitive to pagespeed.
What we are seeing in the 2019 charts is that the daily revenue for the store can be more than double when the pages are loading in 2.86 seconds when compared with 3.64 seconds.
The reason is because the algorithms are adjusting quality and relevance scores very quickly, and are restricting impressions to slower sites. 
The difference in load time is less than 800ms. The chart from the last 60 days is showing similar differentiation over 500ms.
Ad Campaigns: PageSpeed is crucial for success.

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